United Police & Corrections K-9 Association Inc.

Who we are...

The United Police & Corrections K-9 Association offers law enforcement and corrections officers a structure of support and education, ranging from informative seminars to clinics conducted by experienced and highly respected persons in the K-9 field.

Along with this, the UPCKA hosts annual certification trials, where working K-9 teams can demonstrate their skills and be tested in their proficiency in various K-9 related service applications.

UPCKA can also provide an outlet for legal assistance related to K-9 field, and expert witnesses in the case of litigation arising from the use of dogs in law enforcement and corrections.

UPCKA maintains an ongoing educational and public relations program to enhance the image and garner public support of the K-9 dog in law enforcement and corrections work.

UPCKA also offers a variety of memberships, and affords an opportunity for all persons to become involved.

We hope to see you become a member today!